The program of cooperation between (Telkom Indonesia) with Intel Indonesia, in the use of the hotspot network@ by Intel customers. Customers intel in this case is the customer is using the device with Intel processors, especially laptop or mobile device / tablet. in this collaboration, the Intel Indonesia buy bulk access to the internet via with SPIN cards will be distributed by the Intel through its distribution channels throughout Indonesia. Cooperation is valid for the year 2013, so the period of validity of the SPIN until the end of 2013. The idea for the quota given 120 hours during the validity period. if the quota has been exhausted, customers can top up with a payment channel Telkom (cut pulses, telecom vouchers, etc.).
So that users can access and exclusive to Intel customers, then made a connection application enabler for the customer’s device. with connection enabler is expected that customers can easily connect to the network
In addition to the bulk purchasing patterns, Telkom can memanejemen ad display when a customer intelligence using a special SPIN card applications and Intel. namely the application main frame and display ads on a regular basis in the form of pop-up windows,